Qigong 101

Qigong is an ancient spiritual discipline from China. “Qi” is energy or breath, and “gong” is work or practice or achievement. So, qigong is energy work. The various forms (which range from standing meditation postures to complex walking movements to meditative visualizations) aim to nourish both the physical and energetic bodies of the practitioner with vitality and tranquil aliveness. This is achieved through mindful movement which synchronize breath, intention, and physical movement. The result of practice is a harmonized body and mind where the practitioner enjoys a state of joyful calm and energetic abundance. Thomas teaches the following sets: Opening the Breath Qigong, Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade (often called “Eight Pieces”), Seven Animals (Crane, Deer, Bear, Tiger, Monkey, Snake, and Dragonfly). He also teaches a practice called Qigong on the Go (a concept created by his teacher, David Mott) which involves bringing brief sessions of practice into one’s daily life, infusing one’s life and environment with fresh and healing energy.

Introductory Video Series

The following short video series (in 9 parts) provides an introduction to foundational qigong concepts including some brief guided meditations. These clips are excerpted from a longer talk.